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Project Description

The foreground plant is made out of Cryptocoryne Parve and Pygmy Chain Sword, both covers the foreground in the aquarium.

Hygorphilla Difformis in the back ground (rapid growth, smaller) and Pygmy Chain Sword in the mid ground (regular and medium growing). Central in the aquarium is a group of Blyxa Japonica and Cryptocoryne Wenditi Green and Brown





 Frequent pruning of stem plants promotes shorter distance between the set of leaves (more compact growth) and often also longer/smaller leaves.

Project Details

  • Aquarium Size / Volume90cm X 60cm X 45cm / 240L
  • LightT5
  • Substrate / GravelManado, Controsoil
  • FilterExternal
  • CO21 BPS
  • Care Level / MaintenanceAdvance / Once in a week
  • Fertiliser20ml JBL Ferropol
  •  4