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Snail Control in Planted Aquarium

Snail Control in Planted Aquarium

Assassin Snail

Are you fed up with runaway snail populations? Try Assassin Snails .

Clea Helena feeds on worms and gastropods, and is often known as the “assassin snail” for its habit of eating other snails. These snails will often feed on larger snails, often burying themselves and ambushing their prey.

In the aquarium they are very good at hunting down and eating small problem snails that over time take over a tank and appear, generally, when new aquatic plants are purchased. They will also eat high protein foods such as algae wafers and certain sinking food pellets.

Clea helena consists of defined male and female individuals which are not capable of sex change. Currently, it is not known how to identify which is male and which is female. Both male and female seem to be the same size and shape. When a male and female mate, they lock together for eight to twelve hours. The female lays several single eggs which are square in shape with a yellow sack. Some eggs do not reach maturity, however fertile eggs usually hatch within a few days, depending on the mineral qualities of the surrounding water.