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Nature Aquarium Workshop

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Nature Aquarium Work Shop

17-Feb-2019 (Sunday)

Hello, Greetings from Aqua Plant Studio

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Event Date : 17-Feb-2019 (Sunday)
Fees Per Head : Rs. 1000/- including buffet lunch

Freebies and Gift coupons for all attendees

Timings :

10AM to 1.00PM – Knowledge Sharing & Seminars on various Topics
1.00Pm t0 2PM – Buffet Lunch Break
2PM to 4PM – Live Demo for Setting up a Phytosphere and Low Tech Planted
4PM to 5Pm – Hobbyists Interaction and Q&A Session


Brief Introduction to Nature Aquascaping
Brief Introduction to Aquascaping Styles

Speaker 1 : Amartya Ghosh (Aqua Sphere, Kolkata)
Nitrogen Cycle Makeover
Level of Light, Filtration, CO2 & Fertilizer

Speaker 2: Safi (Aqua Plant Studio, Chennai)
Choosing the right substrate & Soil
Plant Selections & Planting Method

Speaker 3: Shankar Balasubramanian (Fishplore)
Indian Native Fishes for Aquarium

Speaker 4 : Beta Mahatvaraj
Indian Native Fishes for Planted Aquariums

Speaker 5 : Krishna Raju (The Other Aquarist)
Discus Fish Keeping & Discus in Planted Tank

Speaker 6: Jithin Heric
Low Tech Planted Tank , Planted Tank Maintenance, Dos & Dont’s

Live Session

1. How to setup Low Tech Planted Tank – Live demo by Jithin Heric
2 .How to setup Phytosphere – Live demo by Amartya Ghosh
3. Q&A

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