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Phosphates in the Aquarium

Phosphates (PO4) are present in every aquarium, even though many aquarium owners aren’t aware that they are there. If the aquarium is not properly maintained, the phosphate levels will continually rise and contribute to algae growth. Testing for phosphates, and learning about the sources of phosphate in your aquairum water will help you combat their […]
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How much CO2 in Planted Aquarium?

When injecting CO2 into a planted aquarium, it is important to know how much CO2 is actually getting dissolved. Otherwise, this is like driving without knowing your speed; one day, you’ll hit the ditch. But what is the right amount of CO2 and what are the consequences when CO2 is too high or too low? […]
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Do’s and Don’ts of Water Changes in the Planted Aquarium

Do change 30-50% of the aquarium’s water every 1-2 weeks. This is variable based on fish load and filtration, but not on the aquarium’s size. From 50 Ltrs to 200 Ltrs, 30-50% is a good rule of thumb. This removes all the toxins and excess nutrients that build up in the water. Don’t rely on […]
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